Lunns Plastering
Yes, it really is important for a number of reasons to empty the rooms. From a safety point of view we don't want accidents happening due to obstructions (i.e furniture etc), we do not want damage to your items (getting covered in plaster) and it could affect the quality of our work.
We can either plaster over or in some cases scrape the rough surface before plastering, however, some Artex products pre 1985 contain asbestos, so it would be dangerous to disturb this. We can either board over and then plaster or we can apply enough coats to create a great finish for your wall or ceiling.
It is possible in some cases to plaster around radiators but we do not recommend it. Radiators should be removed prior to plastering. Please let us know in advance if you have radiators that need to be taken of their fittings.
In most cases this is not necessary. Lunn's Plastering will cover your carpets so that no damaged is caused, we will then clean up after we complete the works and leave your room in a clean and tidy condition.
Yes we can, but it is not recommended for a number of reasons. It poses a health and safety risk, not to mention that it is much more awkward to work around these and may compromise the finish. It is best to have all the sockets and switch plates etc. removed prior to plastering commencing and re-fitted once decorating is complete. Please contact us and we can arrange for a qualified electrician to carry this out on your behalf.
In most cases you should wait 5-7 days or until the plaster is completely dry. There are sealing products available but a watered down emulsion coat will do the same job, then 2-3 coats will finish it adequately.
Whatever is causing the damage needs to be corrected first of all. When we have a dry surface we can cover with plasterboard or plaster. If there is a sag in the plasterboard it will have to be replaced before palstering, we can carry these works out for you.
Yes, to achieve a long lasting, quality finish wallpaper should be removed. If you would like us to do this for you, we can with advance notice.
When your electricain and or plumber has finished their first fix and the room has been adequately prepared, we will plaster the room ready for final works.
This happens when the bond on old plaster becomes less adhesive than it was when it was applied. If could be that moisture is present in the walls in which case the plaster will eventually become loose.
Sadly, there is never a fixed price. Every job has to be asessed due to the preparations, working conditions and products needed. We are happy to discuss projects over the phone or by email before providing a quote it it helps.
Yes, we have been carrying out coving work for many years.
Yes, Lunn's have been carrying out rendering work for many years.